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Colorado Independent Publishing favorites from Headlong into Harm Press.

If you’re like us, you like to read offbeat stuff. The good news? The Centennial State is home man. Whether you’re a writer or just a fan of unique voices, here are a few of our favorite Colorado independent publishing organizations.

Matter Journal

A blend of interviews, literature and visual arts, Wolverine Farm’s Matter Journal is an annually released edition curated around a theme. Handcrafted and published in Fort Collins by Wolverine Farm, Matter rounds up a lot of proven talent as well as new voices. Although some of the back issues are snatched up, you still have the opportunity to order many from publication’s 15-year run.

Check it out at Wolverine Farm’s website.

Suspect Press

If you’ve spent much time paying attention to Denver’s punk and indie underground scenes, you’re likely familiar with Suspect Press’ key contributors. Wonderfully balancing smart observations and razor-sharp writing with Old Denver defiance and style, Suspect Press is like your favorite ’90s zine, but with a budget and talent behind it. On its grind since 2013, the magazine recently got a sizable grant from Meow Wolf.

Check it out at Suspect Press’s website.


If Juxatpoz and The New Yorker combined, were centered solely on Denver and written for the riot-nrrrd crowd, it might look a little like Birdy. Beautifully featuring some of Denver’s best independent artists’ work as well as literary-leaning text, it’s available all over Denver and in lucky areas on the Front Range. The magazine puts its stock more in the lowbrow art world, though has a grimy, edgy esthetic for the text it produces.

Check it out at Birdy’s website.

Modern Drunkard

It’s not exactly what you’d call literary. It’s not exactly what you’d call sophisticated either. But who doesn’t love a celebration of alcohol in all its forms? Clawing its way up from the Denver zine underground to establish itself as a semi-regular publication.

Check it out at the Modern Drunkard website.

Denver Zine Library

No discussion about independent publishing in Colorado can be close to complete without mention of the Denver Zine Library. A nonprofit that’s been running for more than 15 years, the library’s collection of more than 20,000 zines is one of the largest in North America. That’s a fuck ton of Xeroxed-and-stapled doses of independent thought. Best yet, regular visitors can check out zines to browse in the comfort of their own home.

Check it out at the Denver Zine Library website.

(Salt) Magazine

Don’t forget the parenthesis, as there’s apparently a weird beach-life magazine with a very, very similar name. Whatever. Another Fort Collins independent publisher, this upstart magazine tackles life in Northern Colorado from a distinctly underground/indie slant. Music, essays, art. It’s all there.

Check it out at the (Salt) Magazine website.

Colorado Independent Publishing

Don’t let the long, long shadows of legal weed, the Denver Broncos and craft beer obscure all the great Colorado independent publishing groups we enjoy. Get out there and read some words from the underground. As great as these are, don’t forget that indie publishing can really suck badly, too.