Colorado authors we love from Headlong Into Harm Press, because there's more here than James Michener.

Everyone likes to cheer their local scene on. Headlong Into Harm Press is no different, especially when there are so many great writers working in our backyard. Even better, most of these Colorado authors aren’t just writing here – they’re reading here, engaging with fans and working to be a staple of the Colorado literary scene.

Laura Pritchett

With a no-nonsense yet touching style, Laura Pritchett is one of the most under-estimated Colorado authors we know. Setting her novels about family, generational strife and the power of personal bonds to hold people and communities together, she champions social change and environmental issues, both on the page and in her community. Centering her novels around a fictionalized version of a Northern Colorado mountain town, she represents the region with the love and knowledge of a lifelong native in her five novels.

Check out her website here.

Stephen Graham Jones

Boulder’s Stephen Graham Jones has made a name for himself in the horror world for his tales of zombies, werewolves and other freaky-deaky creatures from speculative fiction. He’s also turned heads with a literary flair, giving readers more to think about than things that go bump in the night. Framing stories to tap into his experience as a Native American, his insight is subtle and cutting. With a breathtaking voice, he deserves to be known much farther than the horror fans that rightfully idolize him.

Check out his website here.

Connie Willis

A straight-up Grand Master of Science Fiction (inducted by the Science Fiction Writers of America in 2011), Connie Willis helped pave the way for other women in the genre. Brandishing a pair of Hugos and a Nebula award, her work blends slapstick comedy straight out of a (sometimes pretty awful) rom-com with ideas that can appease even hard science fiction fans. Operating out of Greeley, Colorado, she excels at near-future and time-travel stores that delve into the human condition.

Maybe some day she’ll get a website.

Peter Heller

One of the most celebrated Colorado authors of recent years, Peter Heller leverages a formal education in poetry to furnish his tales with rich descriptions, most frequently of scenes drawn straight out of the Rocky Mountains and southwest. He sets his tales in western locales, but his tales are pure contemporary, from the tale of a semi-reformed murderer in The Painter to a post-apocalyptic take on Colorado survivors in The Dog Stars.

Check out his website here.

Matt Schild

After a break from covering the national and local music scene and covering even more vacuous A&E topics, Matt Schild makes his literary debut from Headlong Into Harm Press. Schild’s The Completely Unverified True Story of a Reality Television Superstar focuses on, you guessed it, reality television as well as the way memories are edited like videotape.

Learn more about the details of the release here.

Other Colorado Authors

Yeah, we could have crammed this with references to James Michener, Clive Cussler and Kent Haruf, but, let’s be real: We don’t read that stuff. If you’re poking around on a site about independent publishing, you probably don’t either.