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Within a Week, We'd Killed My Parents and Hit the Books

Authors from Headlong into Harm

Fuck Nora Roberts.
Fuck Thomas Hardy.
Fuck The Big Five

We’re not saying our writers are going to win the Pulitzer Prize or end up on any hot-shit best seller lists, but we’re also not saying they aren’t going to.


Headlong into Harm gives a platform for writers who have stories that need told and books that aren’t meant to speak to everyone. 


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Matt Schild

Matt Schild was a founder of Aversion.com, an online publication dedicated to covering underground music and culture that ran from 1999 to 2010 and generated a still-surprising amount of hate mail. He also freelanced for outlets such as The A.V. Club, Military Times, T.V. Guide and many others for 15 years, which generated the expected amount of hate mail. These days, he works in corporate communications in Fort Collins, Colo., where he rarely receives hate mail at all. He figures Completely Unverified is a great way to change that.


Novels with Headlong:

  • The Completely Unverified True Story of a Reality Television Superstar (2019)