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We dig independent culture. We dig independent publishing. We really dig independent journalism. To avoid stretching this parallelism out even farther, let’s just say we’re thrilled at independent newspaper publishing and the launch of the Colorado Sun.

If you’re unfamiliar with the state of Denver print journalism, it’s pretty sorry. One of the few cities with competing independent dailies, it succumbed to running a joint operating agreement to keep both The Denver Post and The Rocky Mountain News in business. Competition driving coverage, independent voices, and all that. Then the Rocky ceased publication in 2009. The Post was acquired by Alden Global Capital in 2010, and systematic gutting of the paper began. By 2018, cost-cutting had got so bad, the few remaining staff in the newsroom went into open rebellion, calling out ownership in an editorial that highlighted the brutal cuts and its effects on journalism in the Mile High City. Post staff continues to do its job and do its best to stand up to ownership that seems intent on crippling the fourth estate in Denver. Hats off to everyone at the Post.

But that isn’t our story. Somewhere along the way, a lot of laid-off reporters from the Post pulled together, secured unique funding, and launched The Colorado Sun. An independent newspaper available online, the Sun is taking a stab at providing Denver with the sort of journalism that Alden Capital wants to deny it.

Enter Independent Newspaper Publishing

It’s a vital and noble cause. It’s also really fucking expensive just to operate a news website. That’s where you come in. The Sun’s built on a revolutionary twist on media ownership. Similar to all those public television and public radio stations you grew up loving, it needs audience support. Unlike broadcast, it’s not derailing coverage for a week to beg for funds. That doesn’t mean it can’t use yours. After you’re done buying copies of all of Headlong Into Harm’s books for everyone you even tangentially know, use the rest of your paycheck to support the Sun. It’s taking contributions online.

Jeff Bezos is a total asshole, and even he managed to save The Washington Post. You’re at least as good as him, right? Don’t be a shit. Make a contribution to independent newspaper publishing with the Colorado Sun.